Great Ideas for Creating a Compelling Essay on Respect Respect is an interesting subject. Does one earn respect, or is it something that comes along naturally? Actually, it can be either one or even both. To write an essay on respect, you might want to decide which type of respect to discuss. No matter what you choose there is plenty of material in life to provide ample essay length.

Most people respect their parents. This is partly because the Bible says God wants us to «Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother». Its one of the Ten Commandments. Your parents raise you and provide for all your needs from the time youre born until you reach adulthood. They put up with all your childhood problems and try to steer you in the right direction so you’ll become a good and decent person in your own right one day. Even if they aren’t perfect (and who is?) they deserve respect because of their love and care.

Teachers and clergymen earn respect, too. They offer guidance and teach us what we need to know from their own perspectives. We learn from them and should show them proper respect.
Parents need to have respect for their children, too. They are individuals with their own interests, talents, needs and abilities. They have a right to the best we can give as parents, including our respect.

An essay on respect can also include inanimate objects that most people revere. The flag, for example. Alright, its just a piece of cloth, but when you think about what the flag symbolizes, its almost overwhelming! Under that flag, brave men and women have fought and died for the country it represents.

Look at a picture of the planting of the flag on Iwo Jima, for example. This famous photograph was taken when American soldiers struggled to raise the flag during World War Two. It is the image of the struggle between good and evil with the flag as proof of victory. A writer can build a wonderful analytical essay just on something such as this.

The Cross is respected by millions because of Jesus Christ and the way he died for sinners. It should be respected for the hope of resurrection and the power of God to raise His Son from the dead.

An essay on respect can be from different angles as well. Respect can also be shown as a form of fear. People with good sense tend to respect certain things for the sake of their safety. For example, its a good idea to have a healthy respect for railroad tracks and the trains that travel along them. Only an idiot dares a train to hit him! Rattlesnakes, bears, mountain lions and other wild things should be respected because its very dangerous not to! Deep water and rapid currents are more things to show proper respect towards.

Taking people or institutions for granted is a sort of disrespect that isn’t very wise. Its something that can cause regrets later on, usually when it’s too late to change.

An essay on respect might include all these things. Not to mention that its wise to be respectful towards other people in general. Not everyone is deserving of respect, of course. Someone who has done evil to others deserves no respect from the victims. But for the purposes of this type of an essay, its a good idea to research essay topics that you hold dear and concentrate the essay on them.